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Winners - 2018

Meet Some of our Latest Winners from 2018

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Sandra Sparlin 8/14/2018
Sandra Sparlin of Wheatland Wins $30,000 in 'Bonus Crossword' Scratch Game!

'Bonus Crossword' Scratch Game
Shelia Clark 8/7/2018
Shelia Clark of Centerville Wins $30,000 in 'Money Drop Multiplier' Scratch Game!

'Money Drop Multiplier' Scratch Game
Daniel Berthoud 8/3/2018
Daniel Berthoud of Rock Island, IL Wins $50,000 in Powerball!

Kendall Pruismann 8/3/2018
Kendall Pruismann of Webster City Wins $50,000 in !

audio available
Nick Keeling 7/30/2018
Nick Keeling of Norwalk Wins $173,725 in 'JACKPOT PARTY® Progressive' InstaPlay Game!

audio available
'JACKPOT PARTY<sup>®</sup> Progressive' InstaPlay Game

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Last updated: 8/14/2018

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