Tiny Home, Big Wins! Promotion FAQs


Is there a cash option for the prizes in the promotion?

No, the winners of Tiny Home, Big Wins! promotion drawing prizes may not elect to take cash instead of the prize.

For more general information about tiny homes, see the Wind River Tiny Homes FAQs.

Grand Prize

If I am the grand prize winner of the custom-built tiny home package, how do I claim it?

First, you'll need to fill out a claim form and follow the instructions that will be sent to you by the Lottery after the drawing. You'll get the two $500 Home Depot® gift cards and a certificate from the Iowa Lottery that entitles you to the custom-built tiny home from Wind River Tiny Homes.

Following that process, you'll need to contact Alchemy3 to redeem the $60,000 certificate from Wind River Tiny Homes. Alchemy3 will coordinate a meeting between the winner and Wind River Tiny Homes. The $60,000 certificate can be applied to any standard tiny home model, upgrades, shipping or fees. The winner of the Grand Prize certificate will be responsible for any fees, costs or expenses exceeding the $60,000 value of the certificate.

How will the tiny home be delivered to me?

After you go through the claim process described above, you will work directly with Wind River Tiny Homes to create your custom-built tiny home and arrange delivery.

Will I have to pay taxes on the grand prize tiny home package if I am the winner?

The Grand Prize custom-built tiny home prize package includes the required state and federal withholding tax paid on the value of the prize. The winners are responsible for all other taxes that may be due.

Where do you put a tiny home?

You can most likely park a tiny home on your own property or on your friend's or family's property. However, check with your county or city to find out about specific codes and restrictions. Many times there are simply no laws regarding where you can or cannot park a tiny home. As a general rule of thumb, parking your tiny home in a rural location is going to be an easier route than finding a friendly urban or peri-urban location. It is also possible to park them at an RV or mobile home park depending on the rules and restrictions of that individual park.

Do I have to live in the tiny home?

No. You can live in a tiny home on vacation, though, if you park it at your favorite vacation destination. Or, you can make a tiny home into a "she shed" (think crafting, quilting or gardening), "man cave" (think big-screen TVs and a mini fridge), a children's play house, etc. You get the idea.

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